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Resources for new MBTI® practitioners


Congratulations on becoming an MBTI® Certified Practitioner! To ensure your success, below you will find some key MBTI® resources to help you get off to a great start.


Online Administration

The Elevate® online assessment delivery platform allows you to manage your own MBTI® client projects, optimising your productivity with a sophisticated, intuitive interface.


Myers-Briggs® App

Turn self-awareness into action with the portable guide to MBTI® Type. The App is the perfect take-away for your clients following a workshop or coaching session - one that is always accessible through their smartphone.


Request the MBTI® Certified Logo

Use the MBTI® Certified Practitioner logo to promote your new skills.


MBTI® Solutions

Review suggestions for materials to deliver solutions for the most popular type applications, including Introduction to MBTI®, Team Development, Change Management, Communication Style, Leadership Development and One-on-one Coaching. We're here to help you in your journey so please contact us for personalised support.


MBTI® Facts

Share the facts about the MBTI® instrument with your clients, including the science behind the tool and appropriate applications.


MBTI® Share Page

From figuring out what makes you tick, your stress triggers and your strengths, to discovering careers that may be a good fit for you, check out these fun ways to learn more about Myers-Briggs® type and share your insights with others.


Expand your expertise

Take your MBTI® knowledge to a deeper level, and learn more about our other assessments that can build upon the MBTI® framework.


Independent Consultants

Resources designed to support independent consultants in their work with clients and teams.



Explore our library of resources and learn more about our assessments and solutions.


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