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Myers-Briggs® App

Turn self-awareness into action


The new Myers-Briggs® App is the portable guide to MBTI® type. It helps users put self-awareness into action the moment they need it - anytime, anywhere.


For you, the MBTI® practitioner, it’s the ideal resource to provide people following an interpretation or workshop because it encourages real-world use of type. This results in even more successful training outcomes for both individuals and organisations.


    • MBTI App
    • MBTI® type at users' fingertips


      With the app, users have access to MBTI® type information all the time - it’s always with them, on their smartphone. And this accessibility promotes greater use of MBTI® type. Users can explore the 16 types to learn about their own strengths, blind spots, work styles, and stress triggers, as well as those of others, any time they need. Watch an overview of the app.

    • Actionable insights in a few quick taps


      A common challenge after MBTI® training is figuring out how to apply type information in everyday interactions. With the app, users can easily compare their type to another person’s type and understand the interpersonal dynamics between the two types. They get insights they can use to build positive relationships.

    • MBTI App
    • MBTI App
    • Seamlessly integrates type into everyday life


      Users can store their contacts’ MBTI® types in the app for instant access when needed. This means they can integrate type into their lives. It becomes personal, real, relevant - and this makes it much more useful.


    • Easy to purchase and deploy


      Purchase licenses on the Elevate® platform and assign them to users so they can activate the app on their smartphone. Your purchased licenses remain available in your Elevate® account until you assign them to users. You can manage your app licenses easily through a dedicated page in your account.

      If you don't have an Elevate® site, you can also purchase app licenses through the online shop.

      Learn more.

    • MBTI App


Before you buy


    • Elevate
    • Remember to keep your Elevate® account active

      Your Elevate® account is your convenient one-stop shop for buying and self-managing Myers-Briggs® App licenses. While your purchased licenses will not expire, you must have an active Elevate® account to access and manage them. If you purchase app licenses through Customer Support, you must immediately assign the licenses to users. Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges for purchased licenses.


    • Compatibility
    • Be sure users meet app compatibility requirements

      The Myers-Briggs® App is designed for:

      • iPhone 7 and newer running on iOS 10 or later
      • Smartphones running Android 6.0 or later

      Note that while the app may work on some tablets, the user experience won't be optimised.


    • Save
    • Save money with our app + report bundles

      The Myers-Briggs® App complements and enhances the MBTI® reports you use. It reinforces participants’ learning and helps them apply type insights practically. We’ve created money-saving bundles that combine the app with our most popular MBTI® reports. Find the bundles in your Elevate® catalogue or by using the links below.




Check out our Myers-Briggs® App Facilitation Guide for ideas about how to incorporate the app into your MBTI® feedback sessions or workshops.

Download the Myers-Briggs® App FAQ or contact us below.


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