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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

A foundation for life-long development


By defining personality type, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) tool builds a robust foundation for life-long personal and professional development. It provides a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths.


What is the MBTI®?


    • The MBTI® instrument is close to the silver bullet for business. It lets you align the key elements… customers, staff and management. We have used the MBTI® instrument in sales training, sales, product development, service process, marketing and organisational development every year for the last 12 years.

      Grahame Danaher, CEO


The MBTI® tool: personality type revealed


The MBTI® instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market, and The Myers-Briggs Company is its exclusive distributor. Far more than just personality tests, MBTI® Step I and Step II provide a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. The MBTI® profile reveals how we see and interact with the world, giving insight into our motivation and the motivation of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.


  • MBTI® Step I identifies personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provides a positive framework to explain how we interact with the world and each other.
  • MBTI® Step II drills into the detail of Step I preferences, providing insight into the unique way in which we express our personality type.


Starting with an understanding of MBTI® type, the MBTI® framework supports a far-reaching and lifelong development journey which embraces many common challenges in the workplace, and outside it.



  • Coaching
  • Communication and influencing
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership development
  • Change management
  • Team development
  • Career development
  • Career orientation


The Myers-Briggs Company: exclusive supplier of the real MBTI® tool


The Myers-Briggs Company is the official distributor of the MBTI® tool and associated products. This means that when you buy from The Myers-Briggs Company, you know you are getting the genuine article - the version created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, and backed up by 75 years of rigorous research. There are many free personality assessments out there - and some even give you a four-letter type, which looks just like MBTI® information. The MBTI® framework comes with a quality guarantee that ensures the results are as accurate as possible, and that qualified practitioners are expert in applying the tool in an ethical way that acknowledges the role of each individual in determining their own type.


MBTI® reliability and validity

Want to know what independent, peer-reviewed research supports the reliability and validity of the MBTI®? Check out our research page.


How do I buy the MBTI® tool?


In order to maintain rigorous standards of quality in the field of personality assessment, access to the MBTI® questionnaire and associated products is restricted to qualified MBTI® practitioners. This means that in order to use and buy the MBTI®tool, you must attend certification training.

Visit our MBTI® certification page to find out out how to become MBTI® qualified.


Find an MBTI® consultant

Looking for a consultant to deliver the MBTI® tool for you? Contact us.


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MBTI® Step I

The world's most popular questionnaire for measuring personality Type

The MBTI® Step I framework provides the basis for lifelong personal development, and improved organisational effectiveness.


What is MBTI® Step I?

MBTI® Step I is a powerful, versatile personality type assessment that provides the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. It can be applied to multiple personal and business issues, and revisited over time as new challenges arise. By providing multiple quality-assured insights with a single questionnaire, the MBTI® assessment's scalability and relevance to all organisational levels delivers a high return on investment.

The MBTI® Step I looks at personality type based on four fundamental dimensions of individual difference, to create 16 personality type profiles:

  • Extraversion (E) – Introversion (I)
    Where you prefer to get or focus your energy
  • Sensing (S) – iNtuition (N)
    The kind of information you prefer to gather and trust
  • Thinking (T) – Feeling (F)
    The process you prefer to use in coming to decisions
  • Judging (J) – Perceiving (P)
    How you prefer to deal with the world around you


MBTI® Step I: unparalleled depth and insight


The Myers-Briggs® assessment is far more than just a personality questionnaire. The theoretical framework of the MBTI® assessment provides a common language for understanding and describing the interpersonal differences that define us as individuals.

  • The MBTI® conceptual framework offers an easy-to-understand but sophisticated way of understanding personality differences
  • The range of associated MBTI® reports available is much more extensive than other tools on the market, and there is a vast ecosystem of resources and experts worldwide
  • It has a proven effectiveness and track-record, with over two million assessments administered annually
  • People consistently find it memorable and inspiring, meaning that practitioners benefit from a base level of buy-in that keeps people coming back for more
  • It gives a wholly positive view, getting people on board so that they make genuine and lasting changes to their behaviour


MBTI® Step I: key features


    • Uses the Myers-Briggs® framework to define 16 personality types
    • Road tested over the last 75 years, outstanding credentials
    • Highlights individual strengths and how to capitalise on them
    • Powerful application and problem-solving over a broad range of issues
    • Comprehensive interpretive reports to support application
    • Easy administration via the Elevate® platform
    • Questionnaires and reports available in multiple languages


How do I buy the MBTI® Step I tools?


In order to maintain rigorous standards of quality in the field of personality assessment, access to the MBTI® questionnaire and associated products is restricted to qualified MBTI® practitioners. This means that in order to use and buy the MBTI® tool, you must attend certification training.

Learn more about the MBTI® certification.


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Uncovering the DNA of personality Type

MBTI® Step II goes beyond the Step I framework to reveal the unique individual behind each MBTI® personality profile. It acts as a catalyst for enhancing personal and business results by providing focused insight to support development planning.


What is MBTI® Step II?


MBTI® Step II is a Myers-Briggs® questionnaire that hits at the heart of who someone is by tapping into the facets within each Step I Type preference. It can help you to understand the DNA of an individual’s personality, revealing what makes them different to others of the same Step I Type, and similar to those with a different MBTI® Type. The result is a highly personalised profile and development plan that is perfect for coaching, action planning and building cohesive teams.


MBTI® Step II: key features

  • Examines the subtleties in the expression of MBTI® Step I type for different people
  • Uses five behavioural facets to explore each of the four Step I dichotomies
  • Pinpoints the uniqueness within each profile
  • Provides development actions across a range of important individual issues
  • Offers easy administration via Elevate®


The Myers-Briggs® tool: the power of detail


Using the insights of MBTI® Step I framework as its starting point, Step II explores these broad-brush revelations in greater detail.

It works by drilling down into each of the preference pairs (E-I, S-N, T-F, and J-P) to reveal results on five supplementary facets of personality for each. It highlights how these fit with the overall Step I type, and where there are inconsistencies that can explain interpersonal challenges. Step II has the power to help people see in great detail where their points of compatibility and potential discord lie, providing a convincing and resonant framework for teams and individuals at all levels.

The MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report uses a graphical format to display the results, guaranteed to enlighten, inspire and challenge the individual.


How do I buy the MBTI® Step II tool?


In order to use and buy the MBTI® Step II tool, you must first be qualified to use the Step I instrument - via one of The Myers-Briggs Company's MBTI® certification programs or through another provider. You then have the option to attend the 4-day MBTI® Global Step I and Step II Certification Program as a refresher, or you can attend the one-day virtual MBTI® Step II accreditation.


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