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 Psychology of Teams - Proven psychology for high-performing teams

    • Psychology of Teams
    • While teams are instrumental in bringing about success at an organisational level, modern teams are facing ever greater challenges to their cohesiveness. This is caused by increasing hybrid work arrangements, organisational change, economic uncertainty—and a historic fixation on tasks.

      By delving into Psychology of Teams, you’ll better understand the factors essential for a well-functioning team. And you’ll uncover the psychological elements—both seen and unseen—that teams must understand if they want to be high performers.

      Download Psychology of Teams to:

            • Understand what characterizes an effective team.
            • See why process is central to a thriving team environment and culture.
            • Find out how inclusive leadership drives trust and psychological safety.
            • Learn about the seven psychological factors of successful teams.
            • Discover how leaders can encourage effective team development.


Recorded Webinar

The Psychology of Teams: Illuminating the hidden factors of high-performing teams

Modern teams are facing more challenges now than ever, partially due to hybrid working, increased pace of organizational change, ineffective managers, and more. Yet teams are essential for business success.

How can you help teams get the best from their collaboration?

Watch the webinar with Dr. Martin Boult, Psychologist and Senior Director from The Myers-Briggs Company, to understand the Psychology of Teams and the psychological elements—both seen and unseen—that teams must understand if they want to be high performers.


    • Psychology of Teams Research stats


Get more from the research. Download Type, teams, and team performance for the full research report from The Myers-Briggs Company.



    • Certify your own team-building expert
    • Certify your own team-building expert

      You or someone in your organisation can learn how to administer our assessments to address assess personality differences, improve communication, reduce conflict, and help teams across your organisation work better together.



    • Custom team development solution
    • Custom team development solution

      Work with our psychologists and team development experts to go beneath the surface and get lasting impact for your teams.



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