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MBTI type and neurodiversity research


    • MBTI type and neurodiversity
    • Many workplace norms have been established with neurotypical people in mind. These same norms can cause neurodivergent people to be at a disadvantage.

      But if we’re serious about understanding different people, especially with a view to being more inclusive and helping people thrive, we need to understand neurodiversity—especially its relation (if any) to personality type.

      This new report provides such a starting point. Download it to learn more about:

            • Different forms of neurodiversity, including ADHD, ASD, Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and more.
            • Using the MBTI assessment with neurodiverse people.
            • Find out how inclusive leadership drives trust and psychological safety.
            • How MBTI type relates to different forms of neurodiversity.


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