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The New TKI Report

Written by Melissa Summer. 2 min read.


The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (also known as the TKI) is the world’s best-selling conflict management tool. Requiring no certification, it’s a favorite of HR practitioners and team leaders alike.

But up to this point, using it with a team took a bit of extra effort. If you wanted to learn what a team’s conflict management style was, you’d have to look at each person’s individual report.

The need for easy, team-focused conflict management is greater than ever right now, with remote and hybrid teams becoming the norm, cross-generational colleagues working together, and the increased rate of fluidity of teams. Even diversity and change itself are likely to increase conflict between individuals and within teams.

But when managed well, conflict can be the key to high performance, better decision-making, and increased productivity. And the new TKI® Team Report can help teams do just that.

What’s included in the new 21-page TKI Team Report?

        • The team’s TKI profile
        • Interpersonal challenges and remedies specific to that team’s type
        • Decision-making challenges and remedies specific to that team’s type
        • Individual TKI profiles for each person within the team
        • Action steps to improve individual’s conflict management behavior
        • TKI Team Report Facilitator’s Guide for running a team development workshop and more.

The best part? All the above and more are automatically generated in the new TKI Team Report, so practitioners and team leaders no longer have to piece together team information from individual reports.

One of the things that sets the TKI assessment apart from other conflict management tools is that it’s designed to overcome social desirability bias (when people answer questions based on what they think will make them look the best instead of their actual behavior).

Want to learn more? Click here.


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