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Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership - PDF booklet

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Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership - PDF booklet
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Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership - PDF booklet

Develop more effective leaders of every type

Strong leaders provide direction to their teams, peers and organisations. But who provides guidance to those leaders?

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership offers a unique Leadership Map that helps leaders chart their own course to becoming even more effective. Trainers and coaches will find a wealth of material on the strengths of leaders of each personality type, as well as areas requiring development, to create a personalised road map for the continued growth of any leader.

This PDF booklet will also help leaders, as well as their mentors and coaches:

  • Identify individual leadership potential
  • Create a plan tailored to specific leadership challenges while staying true to each leader's true nature
  • Move more quickly along the Leadership Development Path through the use of type dynamics
  • Focus on the three main activities of leaders: setting direction for an organisation; inspiring others to work toward that direction and mobilising the effective accomplishment of goals

This PDF publication also includes the following enhancements:

  • New design for a refreshed look and feel
  • Improved content organisation and layout for better usability
  • Updated type language for easier comprehension of MBTI® concepts
  • New graphic elements to reinforce learning
  • Complimentary access to an all-new companion website

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership Companion Website

This companion website presents MBTI® type concepts in a dynamic digital format to enhance learning and retention. The website is intended to be used in conjunction with the booklet and is designed to help individuals explore further the MBTI® framework after an initial training.

Each Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership booklet purchased contains a unique access code that allows the owner to register for free, unlimited access to the website.

Together with Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type in Organizations and Introduction to Type® and Emotional Intelligence, this new booklet adds to a suite of products that helps create stronger organisational management and a robust succession planning pipeline.

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