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    • 16PF Certification
    • 16PF® Certification


Identify, select and develop the best people for your organisation.


The 16 Personality Factors (16PF®) questionnaire is a robust, reliable measure of personality traits that is used to select, develop and motivate the people who make organisations thrive. The 16PF® instrument provides an unrivaled breadth of insight, helping you to understand objectively who people are by getting a view of their whole personality, not just the behaviour they exhibit in professional contexts. This reduces the risk in decisions about key roles and promotions, at all levels, providing a perspective that is difficult to obtain from interview alone.


Why become certified in the 16PF® instrument?


The 16PF® certification program will enable you to:

  • Improve business results by selecting and developing the people who make your organisation thrive
  • Be certain of making the right selection and development decisions with this thoroughly validated assessment
  • Carry out more probing and insightful interviews with structured prompts
  • See the whole picture with a tool that measures personality in both professional and personal life
  • Reduce the risk in decisions about key roles and major development investments with great breadth of insight


Who should attend 16PF® certification?


  • HR professionals
  • Organisational development professionals
  • Recruitment professionals
  • Management consultants
  • Executive coaches


What will you learn?


  • Learn how to administer, interpret and give feedback using 16PF® reports
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the 16PF® instrument, both practically and theoretically
  • Learn how to use the 16PF® instrument in a range of contexts, from recruitment and selection to employee development
  • Understand more about yourself through the 16PF® interpretation of your own profile


Public 16PF® Certification 2 Day Programs are available virtually.



Want us to come to you? Contact us to discuss a virtual or in-person Certification Program exclusive to your organisation.


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