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Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Certification Workshop (AET)

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Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Certification Workshop (AET)
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Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Certification Workshop (AET)

Please note the virtual program is delivered in two days in Melbourne, Australian Eastern Time (AET). Each day of the program will commence at 8.45am and conclude at 5.00pm in the respective time zone.


Sustain effective organisational leadership through an ongoing assessment, feedback and development process.


You know the value of leadership to your organisation…

Why not be in a position to offer one of the leading 360-degree processes that is available today within your own work environment?

The Myers-Briggs Company Pty Ltd is proud to have been working with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) for over a decade offering certification training, assessments and materials for its 360 degree feedback instruments.

This 2-day Assessment Certification Workshop (ACW) for the CCL Assessment Suite was launched in 2011. 

As part of the ACW, you will receive the certification required to administer 5 leading 360-degree instruments in the CCL Assessment Suite, including:

  • Benchmarks® for Managers
  • Benchmarks® by Design
  • Benchmarks® for Executives

You will have the opportunity to conduct practice feedback sessions in a supportive environment and you will be able to exchange ideas and experiences with your peers in the field.

The ACW uses a mix of hands-on experiences, pre-program work and classroom presentations to ensure that you know how to structure, design and implement an ethical assessment process.

Certification Program Outcomes:

  • Learn about assessment research origins and the latest CCL research.
  • Discover the most effective ways to use assessment tools and understand how they fit into an organisation’s leadership and development approach.
  • Learn to read, analyse and interpret feedback reports for others.
  • Learn how to assist others in development planning.
  • Improve your own feedback skills by facilitating, observing and participating in feedback exercises with fellow program participants.
  • Increase your knowledge of best practices through discussions with The Myers-Briggs Company training faculty and your peers.
  • Have the opportunity to complete pre-program work to enhance your learning experience. Completing the Benchmarks® for Managers assessment prior to attending the program allows you to explore the instrument using your own results in addition to sample data.
  • Receive comprehensive facilitator’s manuals and other publications, including FYI For Your Improvement, to assist you in working with individuals who are completing CCL assessments and are working on development planning.
  • Gain a certificate of qualification to purchase and use the CCL 360-Degree Assessment Suite.

Who will benefit from this program?

The CCL ACW is ideal for Human Resource Managers, Executive Coaches and Consultants looking to enhance leadership development initiatives within their organisations.

If you are already certified to use the Benchmarks® for Managers and SKILLSCOPE® instruments, we invite you to update and refresh your skills with this 2-day workshop, plus attain certification in additional instruments.

About CCL

  • CCL is a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that develops better leaders through its exclusive focus on leadership education and research.
  • Founded in 1970 as a non profit organisation, CCL annually serves more than 20,000 individuals and 2,000 organisations including more than 80 of the Fortune 100 companies across the public, private, non profit and education sectors.
  • The CCL Assessment Suite of research-based 360-degree instruments help organisations create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process at multiple levels through the company.

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